Search Engine Optimisation packages

To get the best of SEO, opt for a SEO plan!

SEO services should not be a luxury. At Vertex Web InfoTech, we believe that every business should be able to cover the Search Engine Optimization cost.

Over the years, our experts have designed SEO packages for you to gain the most out of a search engine marketing campaign.

You may have look at the description of our SEO plans we have assembled. However, any package can be customized to adapt the specific needs of your URL.

If you have any question regarding the services included in our packages and which plan would be the most suitable for your URL, do not hesitate to talk to us to get your URL examined and benefit from the advices of specialists.

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Our SEO Packages

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Keywords 5 10 20 40 50 70
Top10 Guarantee 3 6 12 24 30 50
Keyword Targeting Local Local Local+ Global Local + Global Global Aggressive Global Aggressive
Delivery Time Frame 3 Months 4 Months 6 Months 8 Months 12 Months 15 Months
Number of Project per Staff 1*6 1*5 1*4 1*3 1*2 1*1